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Safety vests do more than simply make us visible to prevent collision injuries, but can also serve as a sort of armor. Our top-quality safety vests are reliable and durable. They will make you noticeable and keep you safe. We provide a variety of different safety vests in Holbrook, NY, such as construction vests, traffic safety vests, break away safety vests, and even a fire retardant vest.

Our construction vests are easy to clean, bright, and lined with fluorescent material to be as noticeable as possible. Wearing our vests will help prevent you from getting involved in any collision work place accidents. We understand that at a construct site, you are handling numerous tools at once, so our vests include a variety of convenient pockets to store your tools for immediate use.

The primary use of traffic safety vests, similar to construction vests, is to guarantee visibility. These vests are not just lined with fluorescent material, but are mostly comprised of fluorescent material that will shine and reflect against light. These vests will make sure drivers notice you and heed your traffic directions.

For welders and masonry workers, the primary safety concern is burns from rampant sparks. There is the danger of a spark landing on clothes and catching fire. Our fire retardant vests will protect workers from possible flame damage, as well as provide them with high visibility. On the outside, they are designed similarly to construction vests, but these vests are comprised of fire resistant material.

Safety vests are necessary for jobs that require high visibility, such as in the fields of construction, junk yard, traffic, and welding. We have Class 1, 2, and 3 safety vests available for every job site. Our vests provide that visibility, and are specialized for different occupational hazards. Buy your safety vests from G Rock Handcovers, Inc. to get the best quality for the best price.