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Hard hats are arguably one of the most important and necessary safety measures in a hazardous work place. A head injury can be devastating, so smart employers go to great lengths to obtain effective head protection gear for their workers. At G Rock Handcovers, Inc., we offer top-quality hard hats in Holbrook, NY. Not all heads are shaped the same, so our safety hats come in a variety of sizes, as well as a range of colors. We also carry safari, V-Gard, and tap style hats.

Construction hats are mandatory for all work places, such as construction sites, that involve the risk of falling objects. While all of our hard hats protect your head from impact, different hats and helmets are best for different situations. There are three different types of hard hats: Class A, Class B, and Class C.

All types of hard hats protect against impact and penetration. Class A hard hats, also known as general hard hats, are the most prevalent hard hats in use. They also protect against low levels of electrical volts. Class B is recommended for professionals who work with electricity, as it protects against high levels of electrical volts. It is important to note these hats protect against electrical volts for the head area only, and do not provide whole body protection.

Class C hats do not provide protection against electrical volts, but offer ventilation holes for breathability. The main purpose of this type of hat is to protect against impact and penetration damage. All of our hard hats come equipped with ratchet suspensions, to further absorb impacts.

There are a variety of hard hat types, and if you are unsure what type your workplace requires, contact one of our representatives for a consultation. We carry a wide range of hard hats designed to protect you against your most prevalent work place hazards. For the head protection you need, purchase long-lasting hard hats from G Rock Handcovers, Inc.